本文摘要:Walk by any Starbucks within 100 miles of your house and chances are that youll see several people sitting at a table, drinking coffee and enjoying the free Wi-Fi.当你路经在你家周围一百英里的某家星巴克门店时,你很有可能找到许多人躺在店里,一旁享用着咖啡,一旁享用着免费无线的服务。


Walk by any Starbucks within 100 miles of your house and chances are that youll see several people sitting at a table, drinking coffee and enjoying the free Wi-Fi.当你路经在你家周围一百英里的某家星巴克门店时,你很有可能找到许多人躺在店里,一旁享用着咖啡,一旁享用着免费无线的服务。Starbucks and free Wi-Fi have become synonymous with one another over the past few years — one unable to exists without the other — but the next time you log on to a public coffee shop hotspot, you might want to consider the risks youre taking.过去几年来,星巴克和免费WiFi的关系越发密切,早已发展到两者缺一不可的地步。

不过,下次如果你在一家咖啡店登岸公共热点的时候,你最差考虑一下这样做到有可能带给的风险。Someone on Quora posed the following question: How safe is WiFi at Starbucks? Of course, theres nothing special about the Wi-Fi at Starbucks specifically, but its a place where nearly everyone has connected at some point.有人在Quora解说网明确提出了以下问题:星巴克WiFi的安全系数如何?当然,这并不是说道星巴克的WiFi有何特别之处,从或许上来讲,星巴克也只是一个许多人不会分享网络的场所。

Heres what network engineer Brent Saner has to say about it:这是网络工程师布伦特·萨那针对此问题作出的评论:It doesnt matter if Starbucks is on WPA, WPA2, WEP (give me 1-4 hours or less and close enough distance to a wifi antenna, Ill break your WPA2... but give me 15 minutes and Ill break your WEP. If you have WPS enabled? 5 minutes - no matter if you use WPA/WPA2 or WEP)...事实上,这跟星巴克搭配WPA (Wi-Fi网络安全终端), WPA2 (基于WPA的一种新的加密方式)还是WEP (有线同等保密)没过于大关系。如果给我1到4个小时的时间,并且离WiFi天线充足将近的话,我有可能需要密码WPA2。

给我15分钟的时间,我就可以密码WEP。如果你还落成WPS(Wi-Fi Protected Setup:Wi-Fi维护设置),那么只需5分钟就可以了。所以,这跟自由选择WPA, WPA2还是WEP都没直接联系。

He then goes into great detail about exact how he would break into the network and what he might be able to access on your device if hes successful.随后,布伦特详尽讲解了他将如何转入网络,以及如果他顺利入侵网络之后,他需要如何采访你的设备。One the other hand, computer security engineer David Seidman explains that the chances of being targeted on a random hotspot is unlikely:不过另一方面,计算机安全工程师大卫·里斯德曼则回应,通过随机热点而被当作黑客目标是不太可能的:However, the truth is that most users will never be targeted because such an operation is risky and, more importantly, time consuming for the attacker, because the attacker needs to be physically present. Most attackers prefer to operate remotely so they can hit more victims faster. If you are being individually targeted by an intelligence agency, then you might want to worry – but this is the least of your concerns.然而,事实上大多数用户都会遭到黑客攻击。因为入侵网络的风险较小,更加最重要的是,由于所有操作者都是袭击者特地已完成,所以整个过程不会花费较长时间。

大多数黑客都自由选择远程操作者以便可以更慢地攻击更加多目标用户。除非某家情报单位入侵你个人的网络,你可能会担忧一下,但这种可能性也是较为小的。So is Starbucks Wi-Fi safe to use? Not entirely, but you shouldnt let that keep you from logging on and getting some work done.那么,这否意味著星巴克WiFi充足安全性?不尽然。




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